"Nothing is better than a friend, 
unless it is a friend with chocolate." 
Linda Grayson

Lollies + Scoops is a family-owned and run ice cream, sweets and gift shop. We are very excited to offer the community a carefree and whimsical environment to find that perfect something for a friend, or a pick-me-up for yourself.

Looking forward to greeting you with a smile and introducing you to your new favourite sweets and snacks. 



We are proud to carry SHAW'S ICE CREAM.

Shaw’s has maintained a legacy of creating the highest quality ice cream using 100% Canadian Dairy since 1943. Made in Tillsonburg, ON, their family recipe brings you the classic taste that you remember from years past full of tradition and simply the great taste you deserve. We look forward to introducing you to their roster of tantalizing flavours with our rotating menu of 8 flavours. 

We typically have a non-dairy flavour available and you can upgrade to either a waffle cone or gluten-free cone. 

To protect our customers with allergies from the risk of cross-contamination, we do not carry any flavours that have tree-nuts or peanuts listed in the ingredients (however, Shaw's ice cream is not made in a nut-free facility). 


Relive fond memories and discover new favorites with our carefully selected array of delicious morsels 

We specialize in hand-crafted and hard to find sweets. 


You may have seen this craze sweeping TikTok. Freeze drying candy transforms it into a crunchy delight with next level flavour profiles! We have a great selection available for your enjoyment. 


No need to stop at one spoonful, with these scrumptious gourmet, ready-to-eat cookie dough confection from The Cookie Doh Factory. You'll want the sharing size - trust me.


If you're indecisive, be forewarned that we have 48 amazing flavours to choose from! Chicken + Waffles, Blueberry Muffin, Pomegranate, S'mores and Lemon Meringue are some of our personal favourites.


Scoop from a wide of assortment (over 60 jars!) of bulk candy and make your ideal flavour combination in our reusable mason jar pouches.


Look no further. Find all your must-haves in one place, including the hard to find varieties. They come in a handy dandy theatre box too, great for stocking up!


Candy making is a time honored tradition. Try our selection of products that are still made the old fashioned way with the freshest ingredients and classic methods, like fresh fudge made on a marble slab.


Be transported back to the good old days, or introduce your kids to your childhood favorites with our great selection of nostalgic yummies.


You don't need a passport to take your taste buds on a cross-border adventure. Come and discover a world of flavour with a myriad of imported sweets from Asia, Europe and Mexico.


We have sourced small batch delights from around our great nation that are taking the candy industry to new heights. Hand-pulled candy from Montreal and a family recipe caramel from Les Îles-de-la-Madeleine are just a couple of the gems you won't want to miss.


Milk, dark, gold, white, cream filled, nuts, popping candy, bars, truffles, muddies, clusters, bark, pizza (yes, chocolate pizza), the list goes on!  We are also very proud to carry an extensive selection of Peace by Chocolate products. If you haven't heard of them, you will!


Want something wild and wacky or themed candies? Look no further. We have all the fun and hot treats, like a note pad you can eat!


You don't need to wait for the county fair to get your hands on delectable goodies like candy corn and cotton candy. Just head on over to see us year round instead.


In addition to scooped ice cream, we also offer a chest freezer packed with tasty pre-packaged frozen treats including gluten-free Melona bars from South Korea, 3 flavours of Coolway sugar-free Keto chocolate dipped ice cream bars and Luigi's Italian ice which is dairy-free, gluten-free and fat-free.


If you like soda pop, you definitely want to check out our cooler of premium/rare options from near and far. We have a variety Hatakosen, authentic Japanese ramune flavours to choose from, as well as Ocean Bomb (Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon and Pokemon) and unique flavours of Fanta from Poland.


Dietary restrictions need not impact your ability to indulge. We've got you covered with a tasty selection of vegan, 
gluten-free and sugar-free treats. 


We love supporting local and are proud to carry Merrickville Cookies! These are not your average cookies. Each cookie is 170g and 4" in diameter with an average height of over 1" thick. That's big! Each and every cookie is handmade and freshly baked for your indulgence.

With flavours like Reese's Pieces, Crunchie, Blue Oreo, Red Velvet, Chocolate Caramel, and Unicorn Marshmallow, etc, you'll want to try them all!

Their mini cookies and cookie pie slices are not to be missed either. 



Craving something salty? Popcorn, pretzels, nuts, pickles, jerky, and more, we have snacks that are sure to satisfy. 

Spicy is more your thing? We have that too.


Looking to have a little fun with your food?

Whether it's bubble gum, rootbeer or gummies, we have a kit that you will enjoy making as much as tasting.


We make finding a unique gift a cinch.

Whether it be a pair of funky socks, our array of premium slimes scented with essential oils, Moody Bee lip balms made by bee keepers in BC or dessert candles hand-poured in Almonte, ON, you are sure to find a thoughtful option for that special someone (or yourself!). 


Show you care with a card that gives.

We're proud to carry IMPAPER cards, which are not only adorable and a small Canadian business, but they also give back to charities with every card sold.

Remember collecting fuzzy, smelly, shiny and puffy stickers? Those are not longer a thing of the past. Come check out our fabulous PIPSTICKS spinners. We also have retro sticker books on the way too! A sticker and sticker book combo would make a terrific gift for new and veteran sticker collectors alike. 



Make birthday party planning a breeze with ready made loot bags for only $5 each.

If you really want to impress them, add a Lollies + Scoops gift card to your loot bag.

You can request custom loot bags by emailing us at sweets@lolliesandscoops.com. Please allow 2-3 business days for us to fulfill custom orders.


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